Charmless I – Cold Queen Killer

How about this for a prolific band? Ten months after their debut single Fire Up (Here We Go), Charmless I just put out their seventh effort, Cold Queen Killer. So far, the previous singles provided the band with a string of #1 hits in the Dutch Indie Charts, which in itself triggered lots of interest from international music blogs. This latest track has the potential to cross-over from indie stations that picked up on the band straight away, to larger radio stations that so far waited for their turn to jump on the band wagon.

Coming to an end less than two and half a minute after it started, Cold Queen Killer is a short and radio-friendly power explosion, built around the analogue Korg synth bass, combined with the pulsating sound of an organically whacked Precision Bass. The lyrical contents however, are even more interesting here: this song is about having a fetish for mentally as well as physically strong women, to whom a man can’t but obey. No less than a huge social statement in 2019.

The track is taken from Charmless I’s upcoming second EP Next Level. After the intended third EP, later in 2019, the band plan to consolidate all 12 by then released tracks on an exclusive, limited edition vinyl record.

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