Charmless i – Superhero

Dutch rock band Charmless i appear to have found their definitive sound on their new single Superhero. That sound is a great blend of things they tried on their first two EP’s. Their debut EP First Coming had an electro feel with organic instruments added, while successor Next Level sort of reversed that approach.

New single Superhero is the most catchy danceable rock song of the year, so far. A track with equal parts guitar licks, juicy synths and pounding electronic drums. But it’s the pumping organic rhythm section, the β€˜hey hey hey’ shouts and the Sympathy For The Devil-like β€˜Woo-hoo’s that add the swagger to it.

A great tune and a promising start of the campaign that will result in the release of the band’s third EP. Make Me Wanna is scheduled for release in June.

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