Charmplay – Hurry

Dutch indie-pop quartet Charmplay are sure to be embraced by fans of Satellite Stories and Two Door Cinema Club. They produce the same kind of danceable pop-rock, which should go down well on radio as well as live.

Robert Been, Kaj van Hooijdonk, Eddie van Dongen and Laurens Huinder played their first gig was in a sold-out soccer stadium. This was the prize of a contest, for which Charmplay wrote the winning tune.

Recently, the band signed a record deal, enabling them to work on their upcoming debut album 20/20. I expect it to be released this year (duh ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Hurry is Charmplayโ€™s great new single. Itโ€™s currently their only track thatโ€™s available on the streaming platforms.

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