Child Of The Parish – Relic Of The Past

Writer/producer Ben Vella and his brother Tom Vella are Child Of The Parish. Their aim was to create a musical landscape somewhere in between disco and psychedelia. They paired synths with guitars, four-to-the-floor beats and vocal samples, and Child Of The Parish was born.

That’s only one side of the project, however. Ben also had a lifelong dream to write a mini graphic novel. The brothers grew up on the likes of Katsuhiro Otomo’s β€˜Akira’ and Alan Moore’s β€˜Watchmen’. After moving from a big city to a tiny village in the countryside, they worked out the idea: a village cursed by a 16th century witch is punished 400 years later by the arrival of Jacob, son of the devil and the child of the parish. Lithuanian artist Pius Bak instantly embraced the story and brought it to life. The comic he created will form the prequel to the forthcoming Child Of The Parish album.

The band’s music has already been incorporated in the FIFA 20 game soundtrack. Relic Of The Past is their new single. That title may sound out-dated, but the music is very modern, despite evident references to music from days gone by.

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