Christon feat. Maxime Barlag – Perfect World

If you never heard of Christon Kloosterboer before, you’re not to blame (yet). He’s a Dutch singer-songwriter who had his share of success in the Netherlands with his band Rigby. While the band is in hibernation, Christon lends his composing talents to befriended artists and EDM producers, as well as writing music for commercials and tv series. In the meantime he started a solo career.

Last year he recorded his solo debut album Towns & Cities, due for release later this spring, in Nashville, USA and Hannover, Germany. The first six songs off the album will be released digitally tomorrow on the EP Towns (suggesting another EP called Cities will follow later). This first EP will feature the singles SOS Warning, Bonfire and Icarus as well as three album tracks. One of them, Perfect World (not a single, but a New Year present), features Maxime Barlag, the front woman of Mister & Mississippi (a band certainly worth checking as well!).

This is the clip in full effect. I love it!

(update 15 January: because of the positive reception, it has been decided Perfect World will be released as a proper single after all)


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