Christon – The Story About A Boy Who Jumped Off A Cliff And Landed Softly

Itโ€™s been some time since Christon released music under his own name. He hasnโ€™t exactly sat still though, writing and producing for other artists. International ones like Aloe Blacc, Ziggy Marley, Lost Frequencies and Mathieu Koss, as well as Dutch colleagues such as Guus Meeuwis, Ronnie Flex and Ellen ten Damme. Also, heโ€™s currently presenting the TV programme โ€˜De Troubadoursโ€™, in which he writes a song in a day with fellow artists, based on their personal stories. And then of course, there are his other musical projects with names like Sir Notch and North [Sic].

Christonโ€™s new single is called The Story About A Boy Who Jumped Off A Cliff And Landed Softly. This stripped down track is the title song of โ€˜De Jongen Die Van De Klif Sprong En Zacht Terechtkwamโ€™, the debut novel of Dutch journalist Stefan Raatgever. This book deals with the coming of age and coming out of a 19-year-old boy. The book cover contains a sticker with the Spotify code of the song.

Raatgever interviewed Christon multiple times during his career as part of the band XYP, as front man of Rigby and as a solo artist. He became a fan and asked the singer to write a theme song for his book. This challenge was accepted.

โ€œTo me, Christon is one of the best songwriters in the Netherlandsโ€, Raatgever explains. โ€œHe often deploys his talents for others, but Iโ€™m happy he sang this song himself. Iโ€™m proud of the beautiful way he put the theme of my first book to music. Itโ€™s a wonderful, Johnny Cash-like track.โ€

Christon, who already produced a soundtrack to his own debut thriller, โ€˜Adamโ€™, adds he tried to stick as much to Raatgeverโ€™s story as possible. โ€œI recorded this song in an intimate, acoustic setting. It incorporates both the struggle and the acceptance of the main character.โ€

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