Christon – Younger Than Before

Christon Kloosterboer recently released his solo debut album Towns & Cities, that unites his EP’s Towns and Cities. He recorded the tracks in Nashville and wrote them with the fact in mind, that he should be able to reproduce them on stage with a loop station, and a loop station only.

If this is a new phenomenon for you: a loop station is a piece of equipment which allows you to record an instrument, then play a loop of this recording while you record another instrument. This way you can (re)build a song layer by layer. And because each individual layer can be switched on and off, the artist has the ability to create variety within the music or even improvise. But basically, what you see on stage, is one artist and one loop station. Period.

I can hear you think: isn’t that incredibly dull? To be honest, that was my thought exactly. But after seeing Christon live during the club tour he just completed, I know that the knowledge the artist is β€˜living on the edge’ while conducting his technical tour de force, creates a sense of tension that is felt by the audience as well.

Christon finished his set with my favourite track off his album. A song about the relationship with his father.


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