Christopher – Fall So Hard

Imagine this: in Denmark, everyone knows Christopher. He’s got 600.000 followers on Instagram. Pretty impressive for a country of less than 6 million people. Heโ€™s so popular, he never released a single that wasn’t certified Gold or Platinum.

And then the strange part: the rest of the world seems to ignore the whole thing. That doesnโ€™t only defy all logic, it also defies my sense of justice. So let me try and help things along a little bitโ€ฆ

Fall So Hard is Christopherโ€™s new single. A big pop tune from probably the biggest Danish solo artist around. It sounds like a successful collaboration between Coldplay and Banners, so I wouldnโ€™t know why this shouldnโ€™t be a huge hit all over the continent.

Christopher explains: โ€Fall So Hard is a song of optimism and change. About how all of a sudden, something or someone can step into your life and make it fundamentally different. But the thing about this clichรฉ is that itโ€™s really true. I recentlyย became a dad for the very first time and from one single moment I was a subsidiary person in my own life. Everything is turned upside down. Itโ€™s just a brand new and overriding dimension which is indescribable.โ€

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