Clara Luciani – Respire Encore

When I first wrote about Clara Luciani, over three years ago, she was an upcoming French singer. By now, we may conclude she delivered on the promise. For those in doubt: just listen to her new album Coeur (β€˜heart’). It’s a record that was born out of a profound love for 1960s and β€˜70s music, but in the meantime firmly planted in the 2020s. That’s French DJ Breakbot’s contribution to the project. He adds a modern touch to Luciani’s retro influences.

Album track Respire Encore (β€˜breathe again’) is a great example of this nu-disco sound. It features a prominent bass and funky guitar riffs, as well as a beautiful string arrangement, played by no less than 18 violinists. Backing vocals are provided by Clara’s older sister Lea Luciani, who was the subject of earlier single Ma Soeur.

Lyrically, Respire Encore is an ode to post-lockdown life. β€œI wrote this song to convince myself that happier days were coming, the artist explains. Looks like she was right about that!

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