Coeur De Pirate – Tu Peux Crever Là-Bas

Canadian singer-songwriter Béatrice Martin started her career as Her Pirate Heart, but translated that name to French when she stopped writing songs in English. That was over 13 years ago. In the meantime, Coeur De Pirate released eight studio albums, the latest of which, Impossible À Aimer, just came out.

An absolute highlight on the album is the track Tu Peux Crever Là-Bas, which loosely translates as: ‘f*ck you’. You can imagine why, if you know the story behind the song. In The HuffPost, the singer explains it’s about an unfaithful old friend. “He couldn’t choose between me and his ex, which was terrible for my confidence. I discovered he cheated on me, and finally he told me he’d stay with her. I told him I hoped he’d think about me when he’d have sex with her.”

Despite its not too unexplicit message, Tu Peux Crever Là-Bas sounds like a carefree song. But you know better now…

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