Cold War Kids – What You Say

I’m a long-time fan of Cold War Kids. Ever since the release of their debut album Robbers And Cowards, to be precise. Almost exactly 15 years later (on 24 September), the Californian rock band will put out their ninth record: New Age Norms 3. As you can tell from its title, this will be the final episode in a trilogy they started in 2019.

Founding members Nathan Willett and Matt Maust are still with the quintet. Since the mid ‘10s, they’re accompanied by Joe Plummer, Matthew Schwartz and David Quon. Originally best-known for their bluesy rock sound, their music has become decidedly ‘lighter’ in recent years. New single What You Say can even be described as danceable. And still, it’s immediately recognizable as a Cold War Kids-tune, not in the least because of Willett’s unique soulful vocals.

He says of the track: “I think all of us want to reveal ‘our full selves’ to someone who truly understands. But when we do we expose ourselves to judgment, to criticism. So we don’t wanna give ourselves away too easily. That’s why poetry is awesome, it’s not politicizing, it speaks to our deeper, universal stuff. What you say is a big deal, your words have power.”

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