Cold Years (feat. RR Gospel Choir) – Good As Hell

One way to recognize a really good song is by listening to cover versions in other genres. If the cover holds up, the original was a really good song. At least, that’s my experience. Judged by that criterion, Lizzo’s Good As Hell is one for the books. The original version, released in 2016, was great already, as was the Remix featuring Ariana Grande in 2019.

Now, Aberdeen quartet Cold Years put out a rocking version of the track, which still sounds ace. This is in part thanks to them giving the RR Gospel Choir a prominent place in the rocky mix. Deservedly so, for this is not your average gospel choir. They worked with the likes of George Michael, Taylor Swift, Iggy Pop and Stormzy before.

Cold Years realized the track in association with theΒ Scottish Association for Mental Health.Β The band also released a limited edition t-shirt, with all profits going to SAMH.

Speaking of the new cover, frontmanΒ Ross GordonΒ says:Β β€œWe really wanted to do something for people who are struggling right now. This pandemic has ruined everyone’s perceptions of themselves and the outside world. (…) We adoreΒ Lizzo, she’s one of the most incredibly talented people on this earth and her music brings so much joy to the soul. She has done so much for self-love & empowerment, something the world needs more of rather than bringing each other down.”

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