Colin Waters – Change The Game

This 21-year-old young man is currently talk of the town in the Dutch music industry (and soon all over Europe, I bet). People who have seen Colin Waters perform live know he has many hits up his sleeve. Hits with a modern, electronic pop sound, that he writes, produces, sings and plays (guitars, keys) himself.

Change The Game is only Watersโ€™ debut single. Itโ€™s self-released, but the labels are already queuing up. The song is about believing in yourself and going for it. โ€œYour dreams and beliefs are always stronger than anybodyโ€™s criticismโ€, he tells Carte Blanche Music. โ€œThe power of confidence is invincible and contagious.โ€

For an artist who calls his music โ€˜teenage popโ€™ this is a damn mature song, bound to be liked by adults as well. I mean, Iโ€™m 47โ€ฆ

And stay tuned, for there is more where this is coming from!


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