Con Brio & Lyrics Born – Mistakes

In 2017, Con Brio first shared the stage with rapper Lyrics Born. From that moment on, they knew they wanted to work with him. This resulted in a recording session in Con Brioโ€™s own studio. The session produced two songs: Sundown, to be released later this month, and new single Mistakes.

The latter combines the bandโ€™s rocking soul with the rapperโ€™s cool, contemporary raps. Think Anderson .Paak, but funkier. โ€œIn the studio, I felt like I understood them instantly, and it was effortlessโ€, Lyric Born said about Con Brio. โ€œI gave my input in the recording process as a band, and they knew how to bring the best out of me as well. It has been nothing good vibes since day one, which will ultimately come across in the recordings.โ€

Both tracks are perfect promotion for Con Brio and Lyrics Bornโ€™s collaborative tour along the American East Coast, next October.

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