Creature Comfort – Kudzu From Heaven

β€˜Podsongs’ is a podcast where musicians interview inspirational people, in service to others, as inspiration for a brand-new song. Recently, Nashville-based band Creature Comfort got to talk to Charles van Rees. He’s a conservation biologist and naturalist specializing in freshwater ecology, ornithology, and human-wildlife water conflict. You can imagine this was an interesting chat. It sure was an inspirational one, as you can hear from the song the session resulted in.

This track, Kudzu From Heaven, has just been released on the streaming platforms. Even though it’s basically an acoustic song, it sounds like it could move stadiums full of people. Kudzu From Heaven is an anthemic song with catchy vocal melodies, which are enhanced by lush backing vocals. A sound that has affectionately been dubbed β€˜bootgaze’. As you can read on the band’s website: β€˜Think of it as Fleet Foxes for people who grew up bailing hay’.

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