Dagny – Backbeat

In October 2015 Norwegian singer Dagny Sandvik released her single Backbeat. By that time she had been living in London for some time yet, where she worked on her debut album with other songwriters. In January last year I saw her show at the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival. There still was no album, but she played a lot of tracks off it (presumably). One even catchier than the other. After that performance I made Backbeat the track of the week in my radio show and it ended up as one of my favourites of 2016.

That year, Dagny also released Fool’s Gold (a duet with BΓΈrns) and the Ultraviolet EP, all surrounded with little promotion. Hopefully all this is about to change, as Backbeat has yet to be released properly in the UK. The date has been pushed back several times already, but has now been set at 10 February. Hopefully it will be a big hit as yet, triggering a re-release in other countries. Click and enjoy!


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