Dan Croll – One Of Us

The quantity of music that is thrown upon us, especially online, is enormous (and I love it ?). It’s so huge, traditional music labels and radio stations can hardly handle it. By consequence, many tracks that have already been put out digitally, are not yet formally promoted, because other tracks are still receiving airplay.

That is: this is how it works at the large networks, who only play what is being presented to them. Smaller stations and individual radio shows are often more adventurous and search for new music themselves.

Allow me to give one example: a track that I played in Carte Blanche Radio on 30 October 2015 has just been β€˜officially’ released. It’s a track by Dan Croll, who already featured here with his (future?) single Away From Today.

Please let me introduce to you, once again, One Of Us!


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