Dancer – It Matters

After making a low-key entry in the music business in 2020, Australian band Dancer started all over again this year under the wings of a proper record label. They now release the quartet’s 6-track debut-EP Fears. It features the band’s debut single Dreamer, a totally revamped version of Show Me The Way (re-named The Light) and this year’s Fears. The other songs are brand-new.

No EP or album release nowadays without a β€˜focus track’. In this case, It Matters is it. Good choice! It Matters is an upbeat song that sounds like is was made with (alternative) radio in mind. Another one of the band’s addictive tracks, it has a contagious melody and powerful lyrics.

The band say about the song: β€œEach of us have our own expression, our own beliefs, mistakes and pain. And all of it matters. This song is a call out to the people who feel like their stories don’t matter. Every person matters and is worth it.”

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