Dancer – Show Me The Way

Exactly a year ago, in October 2019, I travelled through Australia for a month. Facebook reminds me of that trip on a daily basis, and it fills me with nostalgia. One of the reasons to spend the holiday there, was the musical climate. In Australia, musical talent is as widespread as eucalyptus trees and koalas.

Dancer (Chris QuintonBen GrahamBryce Crocombe and Josh Rea) are a good example. Even though they’ve only just begun, one can hear the quality in the few songs they’ve released so far. And the diversity, as well.

Less than two months ago, I introduced you to the band’s first proper single Dreamer. A euphoric and uplifting song with huge choruses. With their new single, Dancer show us their softer side. Show Me The Way is a subtle song, that builds up to an epic high, before cutting back again. Both Dreamer and Show Me The Way will appear on their upcoming first EP, which will contain two up-tempo and two mellow tunes.

Note from their label: ‘Dancer have just been away on a writing retreat and have come out with a bunch of brilliant demos’. In other words: the future looks bright for this promising new band!

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