Daria Zawiałow – Wojny I Noce

If you’ve been here before, it may not come as a surprise that I love ‘80s synths. Also, I like to recommend songs in less obvious languages than English from time to time. What I like about a song is the big picture, not only the lyrics. On the contrary, I can fully enjoy songs that I don’t understand a word of. Such as this one, that brings both of my above loves together.

Quite honestly, I had never heard of Daria Zawiałow. My bad. Turns out she’s one of the biggest stars in the Polish music scene. Only in 2016 the 29-year-old singer and songwriter released her first single, which was immediately successful. Both her debut album and its follow-up went platinum and were awarded with several music prizes in her homeland.

Zawiałow just released her third album Wojny I Noce (‘war and nights’). In its first week, it shot to the top of the Polish charts. The title track is her new single. An upbeat pop track that uses the same drum computer as a-ha’s Take On Me (and many other past hits). That alone makes it a great song. The vocal melody is equally catchy, even if you don’t understand the lyrics. To me, this mystery only adds to the songs attractiveness.

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