DBFC – Jenks

DBFC is an Anglo-French four-man collective, fronted by David Shaw (Manchester) and Dombrance (Paris), who call themselves ‘not a band, but a club’. And their ‘vision’ – shared on Facebook – doesn’t end there. It continues like this…

  • DBFC has no strategy
  • DBFC is not interested in any political lies or promises
  • DBFC is inspired by the spontaneous combustion of the sixties and the endless possibilities of dance music
  • DBFC is not afraid to be accused of being schizophrenic nor longing to be praised for its diversity
  • DBFC refuses to choose between making dance records or rock records

Okay… So they don’t restrict themselves to dance or rock. But what do they make then? DBFC calls it ‘psychotronica’, which doesn’t make it any more specific 😉 . Perhaps you should just listen to their new single, the title track of their forthcoming debut album, released on 2 June. It’s here. For you. Enjoy…


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