Deacon Blue – Gone

I’ve been making radio shows for nearly 30 years and Carte Blanche Music is the follow-up to that adventure. Deacon Blue’s career has followed the exact same lines as my radio career. Their first single in the Netherlands, Dignity, was ‘record of the week’ (‘Remschijf’ at the time, ‘Wildcard’ nowadays) in my second radio show, dated 21 June 1987. Also, Deacon Blue has been away for a few years, like I have, but came back strongly (which I won’t claim for myself 😉 ).

In 2016 the band released their album Believers and Gone was my favourite album track. After I announced my retirement from radio, that track appeared to me to be the ideal final song, given its title and lyrics. (Of course I could also have played their Fellow Hoodlums track Closing Time, but Carte Blanche Radio was about new music only, just like this blog).
When I learned, two weeks ago, that Gone was about to become Deacon Blue’s new single, I made up my mind… This song would be the perfect way to close the circle! It became my last ‘record of the week’ and the very last record on my last show. Case closed 😉 .

And now it only seems appropriate to open this blog by drawing your attention to this great pop track. Sophisticated pop, to be exact. The genre they handled so well throughout their career and which I love so much. This is the ‘live’ video…


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