Dead Anyway – Pigs In Blankets

Spoken word artists aren’t people who can’t sing per se. They’re people who deliver their message in a different way. A way that often has more impact than singing. To me, spoken word sounds more urgent, more compelling. It almost forces one to listen.

If all of that doesn’t sound familiar, or if you’ve never listened to spoken word before, please let me introduce Dead Anyway. Kate Arnold (lyrics/vocals) and Marc Symonds (beats/instruments), both from Gloucestershire UK, had been in bands together during the 1990s and mid 2000s, and started working together as Dead Anyway in late summer of 2019.

The new collaboration started when Symonds, who was getting into recording techniques in his home studio, asked Arnold to read some of her poetry. That allowed him to practice recording voices. But things went a little bit out of hand. During 2020, the duo released five EPs and their debut album Trip Switch Lips. Sophomore album Are We Doing This? followed in 2021. All were recorded during lockdowns using one take vocal performances recorded into a mobile phone.

Now, Dead Anyway are back with another brand-new track, and it’s an absolute banger. Pigs In Blankets once again features Arnold’s angry, funny and clever poetry over Symonds’ great beats and hooks. The lyrics might be slightly explicit, but as said, Kate is angry, and rightly so. Great message, awesome song!

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