Dead Anyway – Space Dust

Writing a long article isn’t that hard. All you’ve got to do is pour out all of your ideas and combine them in one piece. Making your point in a short article however is much more complicated. It forces you to really choose your words carefully and only include your strongest arguments. As far as I’m concerned, the same goes for songs. Short songs (provided they’re crafted by great musicians, of course) often cut the deepest.

Enter Dead Anyway. Kate Arnold (lyrics/vocals) and Marc Symonds (beats/instruments) are currently two of Britain’s most prolific artists. If you think: ‘I betcha, their songs are 2 minutes on average’, I’m afraid you didn’t catch my drift. Creating a short track can easily take more time than a long one.

In the case of the duo’s new single Space Dust, the lyrics are as witty and humorous as ever. Musically, they chose a driving jazzy drum beat, piano and percussion for a back drop. This way, once again, Symonds found a highly effective way to highlight Arnolds poetry. In 97 seconds, it’s all over. Thank God for the repeat button. Let’s hope Adele doesn’t kill it…

Listening to Space Dust, The Jackal by Ronny Jordan feat. Dana Bryant (1993) came to mind. You might like that one as well. But: listen to Space Dust first!

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