Dead Anyway – Space Dust

Writing a long article isnโ€™t that hard. All youโ€™ve got to do is pour out all of your ideas and combine them in one piece. Making your point in a short article however is much more complicated. It forces you to really choose your words carefully and only include your strongest arguments. As far as Iโ€™m concerned, the same goes for songs. Short songs (provided theyโ€™re crafted by great musicians, of course) often cut the deepest.

Enter Dead Anyway. Kate Arnold (lyrics/vocals) and Marc Symonds (beats/instruments) are currently two of Britainโ€™s most prolific artists. If you think: โ€˜I betcha, their songs are 2 minutes on averageโ€™, Iโ€™m afraid you didnโ€™t catch my drift. Creating a short track can easily take more time than a long one.

In the case of the duoโ€™s new single Space Dust, the lyrics are as witty and humorous as ever. Musically, they chose a driving jazzy drum beat, piano and percussion for a back drop. This way, once again, Symonds found a highly effective way to highlight Arnolds poetry. In 97 seconds, itโ€™s all over. Thank God for the repeat button. Letโ€™s hope Adele doesnโ€™t kill itโ€ฆ

Listening to Space Dust, The Jackal by Ronny Jordan feat. Dana Bryant (1993) came to mind. You might like that one as well. But: listen to Space Dust first!

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