Deaf Havana – Sinner

Norfolk based band Deaf Havana have announced their fifth album Rituals, which is due for release 10 August. The production process was actually a challenge taken up by vocalist James Veck-Gilodi and album co-producer Phil Gornell. The idea was to write and record the songs in a relatively small space of time, β€˜to make them more relevant toΒ the band in the present’.

Frontman James says of the album: β€œIt feels quite self-indulgent.Β This is the first time I feel like I have made an album that is all for me, written purely for my own enjoyment.Β  I understand that I might alienate some people who might not β€˜get’ the album,Β but I am so fortunate that the band are behind me all the way.Β  Everyone is super excited to get out on the road and play all these songs live.”

On the new album, Deaf Havana sound more poppy that before, as you can hear on the first single, Sinner.

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