Deap Vally – Phoenix

Ten years ago, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards formed Deap Vally in Los Angeles. Mixing hard rock with greasy blues riffs, their sound sat somewhere between The White Stripes and The Black Keys. This landed them support slots for the likes of Muse, Peaches, Wolfmother, The Vaccines, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Following their debut single End Of The World in 2012, they released three full length albums. Last week, record #4, Marriage came out. Included are assorted tracks from the band’s 2021 EP’s Digital Dream and American Cockroach plus eight completely new ones. Also, the album features guest appearances of KT Tunstall, Peaches, Jennie Vee and jennylee.

The best of the 12 songs however, is Phoenix. It pairs Deap Vally’s trademark blues-rock with a danceable groove and a slinky synth motif. With a chorus that goes β€˜Nothing’s gonna take me down / Nothing’s gonna break my crown / As long as I can breathe / Nothing’s gonna stop me’, it’s a classic, self-confident American ode to the power of the self.

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