Del Amitri – Close Your Eyes And Think Of England

Del Amitri are a Scottish pop-rock band, formed in Glasgow in 1980. Yep, 40 years ago kids, so chances are, you don’t know them. That’s because they released their last album Can You Do Me Good? in 2002. The band went on a long hiatus after that record. Therefore, a (re)introduction seems in place…

Del Amitri scored their first (and biggest) UK hit in 1990 with Nothing Ever Happens, from their second album Waking Hours. Their third album Change Everything spawned the hit Always The Last To Know. Next to its success in Great Britain, it was a minor hit in the United States as well. This led to the band choosing a more American radio sound for their next album Twisted. A good choice, for although its first single Roll To Me was only a moderate hit at home, it went Top 10 in the US. All in all, they sold 6 million units of their first six albums combined. Then, things went quiet…

In 2014 and 2018, Del Amitri hit the road for reunion tours, and now, their seventh album is imminent. Titled Fatal Mistakes, it’ll be out on 30 April 2021. The timeless song Close Your Eyes And Think Of England is the introductory single. A welcome return in the ears of their old fans, that will hopefully introduce them to a whole new generation as well.

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