Devon – Warning Signs

Devon is an artist/producer from the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, which he describes as β€˜the middle of absolutely nowhere!’ in his bio. So it’s fair to say he was isolated even before this whole COVID-19 thing happened. This isolation led to him developing a DIY attitude towards everything music-related. Like learning how to produce his own music from his bedroom due to a lack of studio recording facilities.

With over 2 million Spotify streams to his name, he spent part of last year’s free time to explore other channels. He discovered a love for TikTok, where he developed an impressive US listener-base. In fact, it now exceeds that of his home country. Likewise he’s currently very active on Triller.

Next to connecting with his fans, he connected with other artists to co-create. Most notably, he collaborated with Bath brothers Ewan Merrett and Callum Merrett (a.k.a. Carte Blanche Music regulars Bad Sounds). They produced Devon’s single Why Do We Wake Up? (Before The Good Bit) and made a groove-laden remix of Trust Issues before. Now, they also co-wrote and produced his new single, the big alt-pop banger Warning Signs.

Devon explains: β€œThe track has a wide meaning, which I like, but It definitely came from a time in my life when I felt like I was acting out of character and destroyed certain relationships in doing so. The song talks from a outsiders perspective looking at other people and us as a human race, and how we can sometimes destroy ourselves by living in denial of issues and sweeping stuff under the rug be it on a personal level or just on a human level.”

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