Dizzy – Heavy

Canadian pop band Dizzy includes Charlie, Alex and Mackenzie Spencer and their neighbour Katie Munshaw. Their debut album Baby Teeth won them the Juno Award for Alternative Album Of The Year, last March.

Now, the band are back with a brand-new EP, Heavy, which contains five tracks. Well, two different songs, in fact: you’ll find three versions of recent single Twist, and two versions of the EP’s title track and new single.

Munshaw explains: β€œHeavy is a song about feeling sad for long periods of time and being afraid to tell others what you’re going through in fear of hurting or worrying them. I wrote it after a span of touring where we’d been away from home for a long time. I think touring is publicly made out to be exciting but often times, for me at least, it can feel monotonous and lonely, and can incite a lot of self doubt. Charlie and I wrote the first bit of it at a piano in our studio space in Whitby and it quickly came together when Mack and Alex got on board.”

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