Don Diablo presents Camp Kubrick – Whatchu Do

The artwork proudly states: β€˜Don Diablo presents Camp Kubrick’. When a duo includes one of the best-known DJ’s in the world, it only logical his name is mentioned loud and clear. And when you do, you obviously don’t use his real name Pepijn Schippers. Yet, the Don is only one half of the project, the other being singer Denzel Chain (born Denzel Ketting).

Other than Diablo’s trademark future house sound, his new project offers an β€˜80s inspired pop sound. Their last single Falling For You for instance, appeared to be based upon Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel. And new single Whatchu Do, only their third, sounds very much like The Weeknd. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, for the Canadian superstar fishes in the same musical pond. And not quite unsuccessfully so… (16 Billboard Music Awards nominations, anyone?).

Those are not the influences that are mentioned in Camp Kubrick’s bio, by the way. That document namedrops artists like Toto, Lionel Richie, Kraftwerk, and movies like β€˜Back To The Future’ and β€˜The Never Ending Story’. And with acts like Camp Kubrick, that’s exactly what the β€˜80s are: a never ending story. Something I’m genuinely happy about!

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