Don’t Bring Stacey – Changed My Hair

Australia isn’t just a country. It’s a whole continent, the size of Europe. However, it only counts 25 million inhabitants. That makes its enormous amount of musical talent even more impressive. And it makes the number of acts that break through abroad only more disappointing. Hopefully, their home country is big enough for these artists to make a decent living off their art.

Although Don’t Bring Stacey only released two singles so far, I dare giving them the ‘talent’ stamp. Angus Purvis, Jordy Schumacher and Nik Rallis share a mutual love for blues, skating and lemonade and formed surf-rock trio Don’t Bring Stacey in May 2019. They just followed-up their first ever track Everybody Knows with Changed My Hair. They call it ‘A tongue in cheek exploration of low self-esteem, a rather eventful mental breakdown and the following rise to self-empowerment. Basically a breakup song’.

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