Don’t Bring Stacey – Waiting For It

Waiting For It is only Don’t Bring Stacey’s fourth single to date. They’re striving to be constantly improving and that shows. Waiting For It is easily the Australian quartet’s best song yet. It’s got a richer sound than their earlier singles, because of the addition of a fourth bandmember. Kyle is now the new drummer and Jordy switched to playing the lead guitar. Angus is the singer of the band and Nik plays the bass.

Waiting For It is supposed to be ‘a song that sounds like a happy anxiety attack’. In the studio, Don’t Bring Stacey wanted to step up their game in every way possible. This resulted in spending a lot more time on production ideas than they have in the past. Time well spent, for their driving new single is a stadium-sized rock song, waiting to be played live. Bring it on!

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Discussions — 2 Responses

  • Dave november 15th, 2020 on 3:39 AM

    Fantastic music being created by these young guys. ALL their offerings are excellent, right from the first single ‘everybody knows’. All members have extensive live and creative experience and have all been actively playing semi professionally since they were about 11 yrs old in varying genres of mainly original material. All the members had also gained high musical grades and awards from their respective schools.
    I know this because they “cut their teeth” early on in my small home studio.
    Cheers, Jordy’s Father – Dave Schumacher.

    • Werner Schlosser Dave november 15th, 2020 on 12:04 PM

      That’s heart-warming, Mr. Schumacher! I’m sure these guys have more tricks up their sleeves and I’ll keep a keen eye out for them.
      Cheers, Werner


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