Dopapod – Black Holes

Dopapod. Is that a bird? Is it a plane? Is it even a word? Not really. It’s a band. And Dopapod is a palindrome, which means you read the same forward as backward. Since 2009, they released six albums: Radar, Drawn Onward, Redivider, Never Odd Or Even, Megagem and Emit Time. A self-titled seventh record will be out on 27 May. Now watch all of those titles closely. Does something strike you? They’re all palindromes as well!

The band states that symmetry and balance are integral parts of the way they work. A difficult task, for they’ve got a wide range of inspirations. In Podapod’s music, you’ll hear rock, disco, funk, jazz, bluegrass, electronica and much more. And listening to the way they combine all of that into a melting pot of their own, one can’t help but thinking these guys like mathemetics as well. This is complex music, but injected with a fair dose of humour.

It won’t surprise you Dopapod was formed at Berklee College Of Music, by Eli Winderman (keyboards, vocals), Rob Compa (guitar, vocals), Neal β€˜Fro’ Evans (drums) and Chuck Jones (bass). Since the start in 2007, the band played hundreds of shows (per year!), building a loyal fanbase.

New single Black Holes is sure to please their followers. It’s as groovy as ever, with a fat beat that’ll make even the stiffest of us dance. If not, please check your pulse!

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