Drapht (feat. Eli Greeneyes) – Hypocrite

Paul Reid, who was born as Paul Gary James Ridge, is an Australian hip hop artist from Perth. He goes by the stage name Drapht. Since 2003, he released seven solo albums, his latest being Shadows And Shinings.

Following Hollywood Hills, Problem Here and Shadows On My Walls, Hypocrite (with alternative rock artist Eli Greeneyes) is its fourth single. The track is cleverly produced and features addictive beats, driving guitar chords and introspective song-writing.

Drapht explains: β€œThe first part (of the song) came to life after a massive night out in LA with some friends. I used the writing of it to crawl myself out of the depths of the darkest of hangovers. It’s about everyone having a little slice of hypocrite in them, and now more than ever in the age of the influencer. So I just wanted to balance out the universe a bit.Β The second half came about a week later when catching a flight from LA to New Orleans. I was so busy trying to get to the gate to catch my flight I didn’t realise I had just cut off a guy in a wheelchair going to the same gate getting on the same flight. I could definitely get better at slowing down, I think we can all be guilty of getting caught up in the race to the next destination and at times don’t quite understand the damage we’re doing in the process.”

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