Dreamers – Insomniac

American rock trio Dreamers’ debut album dates from 2016. It’s called This Album Does Not Exist, however, so we can forget about that. In July 2018, they released the 4-track EP Launch, which was announced as the first of a trilogy of releases. It was followed by the 5-track EP Fly in September.

Last month’s single Die Happy was expected to be the first taster of a third EP, but that’s not quite true. Dreamers announced their second album Launch Fly Land for 26 April, obviously comprising of the nine already released EP tracks, complemented with the tracks of the third EP Land. But the latter does not exist either, so we can forget about that as well. Complicated stuff…

Just as complicated as a band called Dreamers naming their new single Insomniac. No sleep, no dreams, right? Oh well… Their music is too loud to sleep anyway, and I like it. Pump up the volume!

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