Dune Rats (feat. K.Flay) – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Dune Rats are a Brisbane trio, consisting of Danny Beus, Brett Jansch and BC Michaels. The band adhere to the โ€˜no-nonsense, all funโ€™ principle. Their music, best described as โ€˜party punkโ€™, connected with many Aussies over the past 9 years. And now, itโ€™s the rest of the worldโ€™s turn!

Third album Hurry Up And Wait is once again full of the bandโ€™s trademark colourful and energetic rock. And wisely, they chose one of the stand-out tracks as their next single. Stupid Is As Stupid Does greets the ills of the world with a smile, rather than a middleย finger. As a bonus, it features rising American alt-pop artist K.Flay.

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