Eckhardt & The House – Funeral

For those who grew up in the 1980s (like me), the current eighties revival must be music to their ears. Thanks to the use of vintage instruments and sounds, many contemporary songs have something instantly recognizable.

Take Eckhardt & The House, for instance, whoโ€™s If She Cannot Talk and Put Me In A Cape I recommended here before. They just released their twelfth single Funeralย and I canโ€™t help but hearing a mash-up of Falcoโ€™s Der Kommissar and Tom Tom Clubโ€™s Wordy Rappinghood in it. Which were brilliant and revolutionary songs, by the way.

Funeral is another slickly produced funk pop tune. At the same time however, lyrics like “Let’s have a funeral for all the sad news, let’s bury it all” and “We read the papers, read the facts, they bomb the desert, we pay tax” show social engagement (and even cynicism) as well.

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