Eckhardt & The House – Humans

The Voyager Golden Records are two gramophone records that are on board of both Voyager spacecraft that were launched by NASA in 1977. The records contain sounds and images that have been selected to reflect the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are meant for any intelligent alien life form or for future people who may find them. Apparently, NASA thinks these aliens will have record players…

Anyway, one of the songs on The Voyager Golden Records is a Peruvian folk song, which has now been sampled by Eckhardt & The House on their new single Humans. A hypnotising song that sounds like Timmy Thomas’ Why Can’t We Live Together with a Madchester feel, akin of The Stone Roses’ Fools Gold. Soulful, funky and cool.

“We are humans, living creatures on the planet earth. We are children of the sun, waiting for you to come.”


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