Ed Struijlaart – Make It On Your Own

Ed Struijlaart is one of those Dutch artists who deserve an international career. The singer-songwriter from The Hague, known in the Netherlands for an impressive Coldplay cover, knows who to blow the whistle, and definitely has more tricks up his sleeve. He’s sexy, and he knows it.

His new single has this universal theme that might force his break-through. It’s instantly recognizable, especially for parents, like he. Struijlaart wrote it for his daughter Lizzy.

“I’ve been trying to write this song for her for two years, but couldn’t find the right words”, he tells Carte Blanche Music. “What lessons can and do I want to learn her? In the end, I concluded that all I can do, is be there for her and love her, hoping that’s enough. In the end, she’ll choose her own path.”

Make It On Your Own is also a fitting title for Ed Struijlaart himself. It’s his first self-released single. May it bring him the success he deserves!


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