Eelke – I’m A Man

When Eelke graduated from conservatory with a 9,5 (out of 10), success only just started. Dutch singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist Eelke Ankersmit (whose first name is pronounced as ‘ail-kuh’) has a loyal following. Conveniently, some of his fans are radio DJ’s and streaming curators. This landed him airplay and some major playlists with his recent releases.

As the follow-up to his latest single Leech, he just released I’m A Man. It’s the second track off his upcoming EP Mirror. Eelke calls it ‘a straightforward boasting song, inspired by old blues tunes like Mannish Boy and Hoochie Coochie Man’.

However, when I first heard the song, it immediately reminded me of Tom Petty. My ears didn’t deceive me, as Eelke explains: “Musically I wanted to write something just as straightforward as the lyrics. At the time I was listening to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ Greatest Hits a lot, and that became a big influence on the music.”

Great to see Petty continues to inspire new generations of musicians, who turn his legacy into fine new songs. This one in particular is well worth a spin!

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