Eelke – Leech

Eelke (pronounced as β€˜ail-kuh’) the first name of Dutch singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist Eelke Ankersmit. He recorded his new music with Stijn van Rijsbergen, Johan Huttinga, Wouter Verschoor and Joost le Feber. Don’t bother trying to pronounce those names πŸ˜‰.

After graduating with distinction from the Amsterdam academy of music, Eelke started writing and releasing songs. National radio picked them up nicely. His upcoming EP Mirror is a great leap forward. First single Leech is a good example of the way he combines indie-rock with vulnerability.

The Smiths, Ryan Adams and The Cure are some of his influences, but particularly fans of Radiohead circa the mid-β€˜90s will be delighted.

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