Efecto Mariposa – Mágico

The ‘butterfly effect’ is the scientific theory which states, that a butterfly flapping its wings under the right conditions, can cause a tornado weeks later and thousands of kilometres away. But more important, as far as this blog is concerned, Efecto Mariposa (the Spanish translation of ‘butterfly effect’) is a band from Málaga. It was formed in 1998 and currently features singer/guitarist Susana Alva and bass player Frasco G. Ridgway as its centre pieces.

In June, Efecto Mariposa will release their eighth album Vuela. Two months ago, the first single Qué Me Está Pasando was put out, but it looks like the campaign has only really started with the release of second single Mágico. An infectious pop/rock song, that should appeal to Coldplay fans, with its big drums and piano touches. Vocally however, Mágico is immediately recognizable as an Efecto Mariposa song.

I hope it can strike a chord far beyond their home country, just like the scientific ‘butterfly effect’.

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