Eli Cripps – Poison Arrow

Itโ€™s Autumn in Europe and thatโ€™s reflected in the music that comes out. The sounds gradually get moodier, darker and the tempo slows down compared to the past halfyear or so. For more uptempo, sunny tunes, weโ€™ll have to keep our eye on Australia, for instance, where itโ€™s Spring right now.

Let me introduce you to Eli Cripps. Sheโ€™s born in Bath (the city, I mean), but had a somewhat nomadic upbringing. She lived in Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Kenya, before moving to Manchester via Wales. Appearing on the 2016 edition of singing contest The Voice UK strengthened her determination to always be herself. Thatโ€™s why sheโ€™ll release her upcoming debut album Mars independently, early next year.

The album was produced by Frederik Kindt, who is Belgian by origin, but moved to Manchester years ago. Kindt also plays keyboards in The Slow Show. It may be because of this link that Belgian radio has been the first to pick up on the single Poison Arrow, but it deserves wider attention.

Poison Arrow has nothing to do with the classic ABC song, by the way, although it features the same kind of beautiful string arrangement that graced many of their songs. This makes Eli Crippsโ€™s single a perfect Autumn song.


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