elison – Hopes And Horoscopes

elison follow their promising debut single Meet Me Halfway with the even catchier Hopes And Horoscopes. While the first single was originally their first demo, this sophomore effort was actually demo #2. It was a track Marissa Kephart wrote the basics of, which she brought to multi-instrumentalist and producer Scott Yoshimura for further polishing. Once again, the American duo did a wonderful job.

When they decided to start a band, less than a year ago, Kephart introduced the name elison. This is a part of her maiden name Cornelison. Also, it’s an ode to her father, a musician himself who influenced her a lot.

In Hopes And Horoscopes, Kephart sings of various bad habits she can’t seem to shake. Her words are backed by a driving beat, playful synths and simple but effective guitar melodies. Don’t expect the duo to play their songs from a stage near you anytime soon. though. β€œMaybe one day this answer will change, but for now we’re content writing, recording and releasing songs from the comfort of our homes.”

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