Elle Exxe – Rose Gold

Now this is confusing… Allie X and Elle Exxe both released new music this week. This recommendation is for the latter, who was born as Linda Harrison, by the way. Her new single is called Rose Gold. You won’t be surprised it’s ‘the best song I’ve ever made’, according to the singer. The good news: it actually is.

Elle Exxeplains: “It’s intimate and revealing whilst driving relentlessly; metaphorically imitating my actual journey in the music industry… Which hasn’t been easy but it’s made me the artist I am today. (…) I hope this song gets heard so that those who are struggling chasing their dreams can feel less alone. But also I hope it gets heard so people can shake their shoulders to the hi-hats and shake-off a bad day.”

If you’re really into this track, or into Elle Exxe herself, the artist designed a jewel to go with it.

Rose Gold is the first in a series of new songs she will release on the 20th of every 2nd  month of 2020. Acoustic versions will be put out on the months inbetween.

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