Ellis Newman – Leaving The Party

Within Europe, the best pop music is probably made in Scandinavia. Polished pop, like Dagny’s or Sigrid’s, or pop with more of an edge, like RoseeLu’s or Tove Lo’s. For the 2.0 version of herself, young Dutch singer, songwriter and producer Ellis Sportel draws inspiration from the latter category. She uses her catchy songs to escape daily life, puts emotional and personal lyrics into something to dance to.

In 2021, she came to the scene with three of her own songs and a few collaborations, using the Ellis Newman moniker. If her new single is anything to go by, 2022 will be her year. Leaving The Party has this edgier sound, resulting in a darker, heavier production, minor melodies and even house influences. Call it a party anthem for introverts.

The singer says about the track: β€œI never really related to the β€˜put your hands up’ kind of songs. Since parties can overwhelm me a lot, I’ve always wanted an anti-party song. I don’t know a lot of songs like that so I thought I’d write one from my point of view.”

β€˜If you’re looking for me, I’ll be leaving the party’, Newman sings. But as far as I’m concerned, the party has just started, and – maybe to her own discomfort – Ellis is the one who’s being celebrated.

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