Ellur – Alive

Please allow me a little D-tour before properly introducing you to Ellur…

Remember the 1990s? Or, a little bit more specific: remember Britpop? What a glorious time for a music lover! Eventually, in 1995, this whole Britpop hype lead to nothing less than a good old musical war. ‘The battle of Britpop’. Blur vs. Oasis. Country House vs. Roll With It. I loved both bands, but I didn’t dare to say it, or someone would have chopped my head off. Like all wars, it was completely pointless. It didn’t progress Britpop, but ended it.

Luckily, Britpop was followed by post-Britpop. A second wave of bands, influenced by the first. Think The Verve, Radiohead, Travis, Stereophonics, and even Coldplay. But also Embrace.  I love them for late ‘90s/early ‘00s gems like Come Back To What You Know and All You Good Good People. All of them (co)written by the band’s guitarist Richard McNamara.

Fast forward to 2020, we can conclude McNamara’s musical genes found a great new home in his daughter Ella. Always knowing she wanted to pursue a career in music herself, she started writing her own songs at the tender age of 11. She learnt to play the bass and piano, and these instruments also represent the different sides of Ellur’s repertoire. It ranges from piano ballads to full-on pop-rock songs. Alive is from the latter category. Produced by her father, it’s a huge track that sounds like Katy Perry with guitars.

Alive isn’t even Ellur’s most recent single, but I didn’t want you to miss it!

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