Elvis Costello (feat. The Roots) – Someone Else’s Heart

Declan MacManus. Even the name has something tragic about it. And as a musician, Elvis Costello is the master of melancholy as well. But despite the sheer brilliance of songs like I Want You, So Like Candy and This House Is Empty Now, I’m equally fond of his more up-tempo (and more uplifting) ones. Oliver’s Army, Accidents Will Happen, and Veronica for instance. He just released a track in the latter category.

More than three decades after producing Squeeze’s 1981 album East Side Story (the one featuring Tempted and Labelled With Love), Elvis Costello teamed up with ?uestlove, Kirk Douglas, Owen Biddle, Ray Angry, and Frank Knuckles to cover Someone Else’s Heart from the album. They recorded this version of Someone Else’s Heart in 2011. It marked the first time that Costello and The Roots collaborated, igniting the spark that led to 2013’s album Wise Up Ghost.

This song (and its instrumental version on the flip side) first became available on 21 April as a limited edition 7” for Record Store Day 2018 to please the happy few. Now, it’s also available digitally for the majority of people.

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