Emily Burns – I’m So Happy

Remember Pain Is So Close To Pleasure by Queen? UK pop star on the rise Emily Burns has come to the same conclusion. She says about her new single I’m So Happy: “I clearly remember the day I wrote I’m So Happy. I went into the studio and was in the best mood ever. I said to the guys about how good I was feeling, and how everything was going right in my life that day (…) We started talking about the fear that comes hand-in-hand with overwhelming happiness, the worry that something is bound to go wrong, even when it might never. That’s where the idea of ‘I’m so happy, it’s a problem’ came from. The idea that sometimes happiness can be painful, because you feel like you’ve got so much to lose. It’s like being on a tightrope and knowing that one wrong move could cause the end of it all.”

Burns was born in Scotland and raised in Warwickshire. She developed an honest, captivating and accessible song-writing style, reaching 50 millions streams on Spotify alone.

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