Emma Dilemma – Vulnerability

Emma Dilemma. Could such a brilliant artist name truly be her real name? Well, it could, of course, but it isn’t. Please meet Emma Cameron, the front woman of the band Decades from New Zealand. When she was writing songs for her group’s new album, she thought some didn’t fit. With her mates’ permission, she used them to kick-off a solo career.

In 2021 she released her first six solo singles, which she compiled on her debut EP Spit (Side A) last October. The EP’s title makes one expect a Side B is in the making. This assumption is correct. She has recorded six more tracks, which will all be released as singles, each with an accompanying video. Eventually, these 12 tracks will form a full album. My suggestion would be to call it Spit…

Vulnerability is the first of the bunch. A great example of her doing what she does best: creating serious music that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A powerful and danceable rock song with great guitars and squelching synths. Sounds like fun, right? Alas, it isn’t. Not lyrically that is. In fact, the autobiographical song deals with Emma’s struggles with anxiety and imposter syndrome, and her courageous decision to fight her way out of it. This way, Vulnerability describes a journey of personal growth and how she has recently reflected on the advice from therapists, close friends and family about letting herself feel vulnerable.

On the website music.net.nz she states: “I think this really opened me up on the trajectory for taking my own hand and pulling me on this new journey as Emma Dilemma and being true to myself, believing in myself and doing the things I wanted to do instead of the things I thought we’re ‘meant’ to do as musicians and artists. I’m realizing I can be exactly who I am in my music and my art, instead of trying to be like someone else, and that is the right way.”

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